Delivering ready-mix concrete and other associated products to construction job sites within a 20-mile radius of the plant. The driver may be called upon to work extensive overtime as weather and business conditions warrant.


  1. You will be held responsible for the appearance of the truck you are assigned; it must be kept clean at all times and maintained to the company standards. This responsibility will be completed before you start, end of day, and during the day while waiting to be loaded. Responsibility includes, but is not limited to:
    i. Keep chutes clean
    ii. Clean inside of cab including keeping windows visible
    iii. Washing truck
    iv. Front Hopper
    v. Chipping excess concrete off of truck
    vi. Concrete build-up inside the barrel
  2. Inspect the truck including checking fluids such as oil and antifreeze before starting in the morning in accordance with D.O.T. regulations.
  3. Fills truck with water be placing rubber hose into the tank.
  4. Puts truck under the plant to receive concrete. Receives delivery ticket.
  5. Uses map book and knowledge of the area to determine the best route to the job.
  6. Drive truck to job sites around the city and arrive on job site with the desired slump.
  7. Backs up or pulls into job sites. Must be able to maneuver truck in very uneven ground conditions.
  8. Places cutes from fender to the main chute in the rear of the truck. Puts them back into place.
  9. Wash truck with hose and brush including acid soap solution
  10. Adds various ingredients to load such as fibers, color, cement, and admixtures. These are added by climbing up a ladder.
  11. Communicates with Dispatcher through Nextel
  12. Completes proper paperwork.
  13. Must be available to work ½ day on Saturdays


  1. Must be able to take orders, instructions, and guidance from supervisors and management.
  2. Must be able to read, write, and speak English.
  3. Must be able to do simple math, such as addition and subtraction.
  4. Must be able to handle cash and make change.
  5. Must have a valid Department of Transportation Certified Commercial Driver’s License.
  6. Must be able to pass a Federal Department of Transportation drug screen and physical.
  7. Must maintain a driving record in accordance with Federal and State Motor Carrier Regulations and company policy.
  8. Must be able to deal with customers in a diplomatic manner in varied stressful situations.
  9. Must be able to operate vehicle and perform tasks in a safe manner.


  1. This is moderately strenuous work. The driver must climb in and out of the truck approximately 50 times per day. The bottom of the seat is approximately 50 inches from the ground. The first step is two feet off the ground, with the second step one foot higher. Usually, a bar or grab handle is provided to help the driver pull himself into the cab.
  2. Some trucks have a clutch with five to six gears which the driver must go through for each stop and start procedure when driving. The driver must have coordination between hands and feet to accomplish these procedures. This could average well over 100 times per day. The amount of pressure used in pushing in the clutch with the left leg is around 60 pounds of force.
  3. The driver must also climb a ladder on the truck. This ladder is used not only to check the concrete but to carry things up the ladder to add to the load. This includes 70-pound bags of cement and color. Five-gallon jugs of admixtures which weigh 60 pounds must also be carried up the ladder. The driver will climb the ladder an average of three times per hour.
  4. Drivers must pull down the main chute on the truck and attach up to four more chutes at every job. It takes 60 pounds of force to pull the chute down. The chutes are stored on the truck’s fenders with straps which take 45 pounds of pressure to free the straps and 60 pounds of lift to lift the chute and carry the chute. The chute weighs up to 60 pounds and must be lifted from the ground to the shoulder when returning the chute to its’ beginning position.
  5. Drivers must wash and clean their trucks with brushes and a hose. This requires a fair amount of climbing on the truck.


  1. Drivers work outdoors the majority of the time. Weather conditions such as temperatures, moisture, and other conditions have a significant impact on the job. Therefore, drivers must tolerate, with or without reasonable accommodations, being exposed frequently to extreme weather conditions.
  2. Job sites vary greatly due to weather and location conditions. The ground is usually very rough, muddy, or icy. The driver must be able to tolerate varied work conditions.
  3. There are high noise levels and significant vibration associated with this job. This is caused by the truck, other construction equipment, and job site noise. The driver must be able to tolerate, with or without reasonable accommodation, intermittent exposure to noise, vibration, and other aggravating conditions at or around the operating sites.
  4. There are other physical hazards in which there is a danger to life, health, or bodily injuries such as proximity to moving, mechanical parts, falls, environmental conditions, moving equipment, and other hazards.
  5. There is also exposure to cement, lime, concrete admixtures, dust, diesel fuel, and other substances which may cause burns, be toxic or explosive.
  6. You will be held responsible for the appearance of the truck you are assigned; it must be kept clean at all times and maintained to the company standards.


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