We specialize in both large and small commercial and residential projects for contractors and homeowners. With nine plants located across the greater Delaware Valley region, and more than 100 mixer trucks, we have the production and delivery capacity to supply even the biggest jobs.

We provide concrete for the construction of schools, hospitals, shopping centers, apartment complexes, manufacturing plants, highways and other major projects. We also specialize in concrete for residential construction. We even help do-it-yourselfers with small jobs like patios, steps, garden walls and decorative landscaping.

simplify your processin 3 ways

We will make your concrete project an easy process from start to finish. We only use the highest quality products and outstanding service in-office and onsite.

customer service

We've got our company communications down to a science. Placing and verifying orders and collecting information is as easy as dialing our toll-free number: (800) 734-1000. We have mastered the art of on-time deliveries by utilizing a centralized dispatch communications system and GPS technology that calculate delivery times and oversees our fleet of mixer trucks.

product performance

Our products perform on the job because we test them on the job. Our full-time, ACI-certified quality control technicians assure our product specifications at both the point of manufacture and the point of use. Additionally, we produce custom mix designs that meet our clients' desired specifications via computerized mixing technology.

safety & convenience

Our front-discharge mixers allow you to pour concrete with minimal labor and maximum safety. Our eight concrete plants are strategically located to supply projects throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania and Delaware including Lancaster, Chester, Montgomery, Bucks and Delaware Counties. We offer genuine piece of mind and real cost savings.

Message from the president

Since succeeding my father as president of Delaware Valley Concrete Company, Inc. in 1970, I have been determined to honor his standard of excellence by supplying only the highest quality product and service to our customers. In attaining this goal, I have never lost sight of the fact that this task is best accomplished through an experienced, well trained and talented staff. As we move forward into the 21st century, we will continue to attain the level of excellence to which our customers have become accustomed. In our plans towards future growth, I vow to maintain the high level of integrity upon which this company was built. The DVC family is eager to assist you in all your concrete needs from standard products to special mix designs. We look forward to many more decades of mutually beneficial relationships with all our current and prospective clients in the construction industry.

Mario DiLiberto
President, Delaware Valley Concrete Company, Inc.


Send us your requirements and our trained representatives will take the time to understand your project and provide you with the most accurate information, best solutions and solid estimates.


quality control

Achieving and maintaining the highest quality standards is our number one priority. Our quality control division features a state of the art laboratory staffed with certified ACI technicians. All laboratory equipment is meticulously maintained and tested for accuracy and proper calibration on a consistent schedule. Final product is tested on a per batch basis to insure quality, consistency and specification attainment.

central dispatch

We use modern systems that provide our central dispatch personnel the ability to communicate with all our drivers at all times. Our state-of-the-art central dispatch system has the ability to successfully coordinate numerous jobs concurrently. Our truck tracking and scheduling technology ensures the timeliness of all deliveries so your deadlines are met.

our mission

Delaware Valley Concrete has a commitment to concrete and a team of dedicated professionals who share this commitment. We instill confidence in our customers through predictable quality and service. We lead our team by example, with a strong commitment to the future of our company and its employees.


Delaware Valley Concrete has eight production facilities in southeastern Pennsylvania, covering Bucks, Montgomery, Philadelphia, Chester, Delaware & Lancaster counties.

These ready-mix concrete plants allow us to service customers all over the tri-state area. We can provide special mix designs and standard products. Delaware Valley Concrete meets the needs of our customers from small load requirements to large projects that require our multi-plant production capacity,


Charles W. Diliberto and his wife, Frances, founded Delaware Valley Concrete Co., Inc., a Pennsylvania Corporation, in 1955. They began the operation from their current address in Hatboro, PA. From its humble beginning; working with limited facilities and equipment, Mr. Diliberto built a financially sound company. With his eye on the future, he promoted his son, Mario Diliberto to Vice President. Together, they expanded the original Hatboro Concrete Plant into a modern central mix facility and built new and larger administrative offices. In the mid 1980's, DVC acquired its own aggregate source along the Delaware River. The mid 80's also showed a growing pattern for DVC and provided the founder, Mr. Diliberto, (affectionately known to his employees as "Charlie"), an opportunity to enjoy a healthy retirement in the south while having his son Mario succeed him to the Presidency. The late 80’s, 90’s, 2003 and 2006 saw further expansion with the acquisition of New Britain, Conshohocken, Kennett Square, Coatesville and Malvern plants. This provided DVC with nine operating concrete plants and afforded DVC an opportunity to secure its portion of a growing competitive market.


Delaware Valley Concrete Co., Inc. established.


Built a second plant to its existing facility.


Major renovation to its existing plant, converting it to a wet mix plant.


Expanded by purchasing its first satellite plant in New Britain, PA.


Purchased a mining facility with a second satellite ready-mix plant in Upper Black Eddy, PA.


Purchased a third satellite plant in Conshohocken, PA.


Built a fourth satellite plant in Ottsville, PA.


Purchased a fifth satellite plant in Coatesville, PA, (Pomeroy) with the addition of eleven new trucks.


Purchased a sixth satellite plant in Kennett Square, PA with the addition of 10 trucks.


Built another satellite plant in Malvern, PA.


Purchased 3 satellite plants in Elizabethtown, Gap, and West Point, PA.


Acquisition of Aztec Materials



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