We are looking for experienced loader operators.

Duties will include filling bins with materials, maintaining clean yard and equipment, assist plant manager with batching concrete and closing process for the day. Must have demonstrated experience operating a wheel loader.


  1. Fill in for or relieve the plant manager as necessary on assigned lock-up nights and Saturdays.
  2. Insure that all aggregate bins are properly filled at the start of each day.
  3. Fill all aggregate bins as needed during the day.
  4. Check fluid levels and provide necessary maintenance and lubrication on the loader on a daily basis and maintain in a clean condition. Power wash loader weekly to maintain professional appearance.
  5. Provide necessary maintenance and lubrication on aggregate belt loading equipment on a daily basis, keeping pulleys under hopper free of sand and stone.
  6. Check moisture content of the sand and stone and report it to the plant manager daily before first truck load time.
  7. Check slump, air content and concrete temperature of the first three loads of the day and then as required to assist quality control.
  8. Pump off bulk cement and slag/ash trailers into correct assigned silos.
  9. Fuel up loader daily and turn in daily loader fuel usage slip.
  10. Grease and adjust batch plant conveyors per maintenance checklist.
  11. Sweeper is to be run a minimum of twice daily and kept clean. Report any out of service condition to plant manager and shop.
  12. Physical inventory of the cement silos to be done weekly.
  13. Report aggregate/raw material leaks to plant manager daily.
  14. Turn off loader engine to conserve costly fuel consumption when not in use.


  1. Check fluid levels in equipment before operating, report any needed repairs to shop foreman.
  2. Maintain the yard in a clean and orderly fashion, cleaning under the plant loading bay as necessary daily.
  3. Clean up spills from mixers and dump trucks in the yard, and adjoining roads as required.
  4. Empty trash from the water stands and yard and dispose of it as needed.
  5. Maintain the recycling pits in a suitable condition and effect hauling away of materials daily via MDS trucks.
  6. Maintain the loader in a clean and presentable condition.
  7. Blocks moved and stacked daily and reset to re-pour.
  8. Assist the plant manager/alternate lock-up nights and Saturday.
  9. Assist plant manager with plant inspections.
  10. At the end of each day, total all raw material delivery slips. Numerically sort all office and driver delivery slips and reconcile office copy yardage totals with batch print out total. Report any discrepancies to Debbie Perry in the billing department. (This item will apply when the assistant plant manager is closing or acting as the plant manager.)


Required to stand and walk for extended periods. Use hands to operate tools and controls. Reach with hands and arms. Climb stairs/ladders and balance. Stoop, kneel, crouch, or crawl. Regularly lift and/or move more than 50 pounds.



Feel free to contaxct contact our human resources department at or call (215) 675-8900 ext-135.